Fund E3 Group

Profutably. Reliably. Simply!

Invest in profitable real estate  with the professional’s assistance, become their co-owner and get your profit!

Investments from 10000 roubles, up to 10 years, up to 25% per annum!

Fund "E3 GROUP"  is a unique, absolutely transparent and safe investment vehicle, created in cooperation with BKS Financial Group. Fund "E3 GROUP" makes real estate investments simple, profitable and safe. With Fund "E3 GROUP"  everyone can become a co-owner of profitable real estate object, investment or development project  – in cooperation with professional investors.

The trust works on principle of crowdinvesting :

Private investors’ moneys accumulate in the Trust and then they are forwarded to financing of investment, development and real estate projects.

Profit is  proportionally divided between partners of the Trust

Seven reasons to become the E3 Group’s Trust co-investor:

1. Reliability

The Trust can only invest in real estate objects and liens. All Trust’s active assets are properly registered, protected and insured. The Trust can’t become a bankrupt, it’s also protected from asset-grabbing, the Trust’s property can’t be withdrawn per curiam.

2. Absolute transparence

Information about the Trust’s work is open, the Trust regularly reports.

3. Longtime cooperation

The trust is established for 15 years period. Private co-investors can chose a program from 1 to 10 years.

4. Stable residual income

Prices of real estate objects always demonstrate the positive dynamics and our clients always have high residual income.

5. Real estate objects become the property of co-owners

Every co-investors becomes a co-owner of Trust’s projects, the propriety is properly registered in federal authorities.

All the Trust’s property is subject to regular revaluation and insurance.

6. Availability

Crowdinvesting makes the investments available to lots of investors. You can become the participant of the project with any amount from 10 000 roubles!

7. Minimum of charges

When you become the Trust’s partner you don’t have to pay taxes and fees.

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