E3 Life Charity Foundation

E3 Life Charity Foundation


Officially, the foundation was registered in July 2017, but the charitable arm of the company has existed since 2014. Every month we strive to pleasantly surprise our charges with new programs, because the purpose of our foundation is to provide feasible assistance (financial, social, pedagogical, psychological, leisure one) for population in straitened circumstances.

The main mission of the Foundation is to provide humanitarian assistance for people in need. There are three main projects that are constantly added with new social programs: "Joy to Everyone" (including: fulfillment of the desires of our charges, organization of holidays for disabled children, help in organization of social events for other funds); "Share your life" is the donation of blood and its components, as well as the promotion of the donation movement; "Furry care" is the help for pets and animals, including care and purchase of living and treatment facilities for animals.

The functioning of the foundation is carried out at the expense of the company. We also try to attract investors, sponsors, volunteers – everyone who wants to help. For example, we conduct concerts, stage shows, games with the help of volunteers. Participation in our events is voluntary and can include either helping with providing things or clothes, or simple participating in a trip to our charges. We are always open for cooperation and strive to offer information on where and to whom things and time are donated.

Make brighten

We organize holidays, master classes, concert and theatre trips, fulfill the desires of our charges – we give positive emotions!


We cooperate with major Charitable Foundations and Public Organizations of St. Petersburg.


We provide financial and other assistance to adults and children with disabilities, oncology patients.

Share life

 We actively promote the donation of blood and its components, we involve people in the donor movement, many our employees are donors.

We take care

 We take care of animals, we help veterinary clinics and shelters for stray pets.

To see our work you can follow the group of the Charitable Foundation E3 Life

On issues of participation in charitable actions:

Kristina Karyapina

Specialist of the Department of Social Projects

For all questions