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Shopping center «PIKALE-VO!»
Investment package
Shopping center «PIKALE-VO!»
Инвестиционный пакет

Redevelopment project of a shopping center at the entrance to the town of Pikalevo (Boksitogorsk district of the Leningrad region)

  • Economically advantageous location
  • Floor space – 800m
  • Size of a cold storage – 2500m
  • Volume of investments – 14 340 000 rub
  • Investor’s income – 15,9% return rate
  • Payout time – 76 months

Shopping center «PIKALE-VO!» is situated at the entrance to the town of Pikalevo, not far from thoroughfare to Saint-Petersburg.

The façade of the building goes out on the central bus station, where all local and long-distance routes take off.

New residential area situated behind the bus station.

Retail center «PIKALE-VO!» is a two-storey building with decorative finishing of a facade and building illumination. There is also a parking (30 lots) at the façade and a loading zone.

That is what sets our complex:

  • The building was reconstructed on the OpenSpace basis. It expanded range of its areas for smarter use.
  • The first floor of «PIKALE-VO!» is intended for food stores and fast food restaurants.
  • There would be non-food stores and office units on the second floor.
  • Ceiling height in the building is 3,3m.
  • The building meets all the requirements of the network retailers.

The scheme of participation in the investment:

E3 Group CEIF

We invite investors to cooperation within the framework of a Closed mutual investment Fund E3 GROUP. As security for borrowed investment units of the Fund.

  • Guaranteed yield from 15 to 25% per annum.
  • Control transactions by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
  • The minimum entry point - from 10 000 rubles.
  • The term affiliate program - up to 10 years.

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Purchase of the whole project

The project is available for sale in a single lot. For more information about the project and the conditions of the sale leave a request and our specialists will contact You shortly.

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