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Property investment is the one of the most reliable ways of investing. E3 Investment can provide you with high level of income from financial investments. Choose one of the professional investing programs and earn money with us:

Collective investments

E3 GROUP invites private investors to become a co-owner of ourt Fund. E3 GROUP bases on the crowdinvesting principles: large projects in the area of development and building are realized by means of cascading effect from collective investments.  The activities of the Fund are under the Russian legislation, controlled by the Bank of Russia and other licensed organizations.  You can become a co-owner of the Fund for the period of investing on the following terms:

- Minimum sum – 100 000 rub.
- Special protection of investments
- An opportunity of progress payments.
The projects is perfect for those people, who want to invest money in real property, but lack financial resources. Property investments are made by the total capital, not by means of one investor.

• It is available for everyone. Investments from 100 000 rub.
• It is a perfect way of income. From 10% - 40% annual return.
• It is reliable. Three degrees of insurance.

 Individual investments

We developed a PARTNER program for professional investors. You can choose the most appropriate program of investing:

- A deposit with fixed level of income and providing you with real property of the Group. Acquired property will be pledged to you for the whole period of investing.
- An individual investing program concerning funding of any project of the Group. It makes you a co-owner of a developing company for the period of investing. Your income will depend on the financial success of the project.

Consequently, the PARTNER program is a profitable alternative to bank deposits and other traditional investing instruments. A minimal degree of physical involvement into the project, a fixed income and real securing shall help you to make much of investment.


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