2017 RESULTS. E3 Life Charity Foundation


With the help of our workers, investors, and volunteers we managed to:

  • Collect enough clothes for 84 special needs kids (orphans and kids with psychological disorders);
  • Assist and provide humanitarian aid to 426(!) kids aged 0-18. Among them – orphans, disabled children and children in need for a special supervision of social services;
  • Organize 5 New Year’s Tree events for 145 physically despaired kids and orphans. As well as 3 New Year’s Tree events for 87 elderly, veterans and people survived Leningrad’s Blockade;
  • Organize 39 educational and 29 leisure events for 557 kids with neurotic disorders, orphans, and kids and teenagers with Aspergers’ living in families. 3 of the events were organized outside;
  • Conducted 5 workshops for 145 participants (kids and adults);
  • Help 7 people donate blood (workers and volunteers);
  • Supply food and medicines to 87 dogs.

We also took part in Charity Marathon in Saint Petersburg; and in the online-flash mob “I give good” (“Dary Dobro”); Organized our first online “like” contest and said farewell to our first graduates – orphans from Boarding School № 5 in Podberez’ye.

Among those whom we helped this year: Regional Child’s House for kids with central nervous system damage and psychological disorders in Pechory; Central District Children’s Rehabilitation Center for physically impaired kids; Children Care Center for kids left without parental care in Pskov; Aivan Fillmore Veterinary Hospital; “Abandoned Angel” (“Broshenny Angel”) haven; Boarding School for kids with special needs, orphans and kids left without parental care № 5 in Podberez’ye, Novgorod’s district; Regional Public Organization “Chord” (“Accord”); Pavlovsk’s Orphanage № 4, “Children in Pavlovsk” Charity; Social Crevice Center in Admiralteysky district; Saint Petersburg State Health Institution “N. F. Folatov’s Children’s City Hospital № 5”; Cymbalin’s Children’s Hospital; State Health Institution “Special Child’s House for kids with central nervous system damage and psychological disorders in Petrozavodsk; “AdVita” Charity and “Sport – Husky” organization.

We provide our services once or two times per month according to the schedule!

E3 Life stands for giving the benefits to society!