On 7th February E3 Life surprised orphans and kids left without parental care from Boarding School № 5 in Podberez’ye with something really special!


Instead of a traditional flash mob, we organized a new and special event for kids from Boarding School № 5 in Podberez’ye! We helped the true wizards of their craft from Fisheye Interior Design Studio conduct a workshop for kids. The experts taught the participants how to decorate with plaster!

The future graduates specialize in plaster and pain mastery, and this event is very helpful for their skills.

We are happy that we can organize such an event and connect with other open-minded people willing to share their knowledge and give back to society, helping students to grow and master their skills.

The students and we would like to thank Alexander Kornilov; Mark Kudryavtsev; Alexey Bleskikh and the photographer Anton Gulyaevsky personally.

Many thanks for the joy, skills, and happiness you bring to the kids’ life, which is one of the most important values in the world.