Коттеджный поселок EcoLife на Заливе - повышение цен! [ожидает перевода]
С 1 августа 2017 года будут повышены цены на готовые домовладения.
E3 Life: results of the June, 2017
During June our volunteers, investors and sponsors managed to:
E3 Group: report about Moscow Yacht Show 2017
The exhibition of yachts and cruisers took place in the most prestigious yacht-club of our capitol city from 22 to 24 of June.
CEIF of E3 Group – a new video
Here you can see a detailed information about the close-end real estate investment fund for unqualified investors.
E3 Investment announces lowering of the rates of return upon the program “Collective investments”
Following conditions will come into effect since the 1 of August according to new terms.
E3 Group puts out a tender
We post a tender to bore-hole drilling and pipeline laying in both our cottage villages.
E3 Group will participate in Moscow Yacht Show 2017
A tradeshow of yachts and cruisers will be held in the most luxurious and prestigious yacht club in Moscow.
E3 Group established a new office in Krasnodar
A new office of E3 Group in Krasnodar was established on the 1st of June.
Be careful! Mudslinging attack on E3 Group!
Mudslinging attack on E3 Group.
E3 Life visited children’s municipal clinical hospital № 5 named after N.F. Filatov again
Singers, dancers and musicians performed before children this time. At the end of the performance, volunteers of E3 Life conducted a traditional flashmob for the children!
EcoLife at the Gulf – construction progress
EcoLife at the Gulf – construction progress during March and April, 2017
Video report about the «Real property exposition»
E3 Group represented its projects - E3 Investment and E3 Commerce.