Real estate investments

Your first consultant in the field of real estate investments. We organize and accompany the corporate and private investment in new buildings. Our experts will offer ready-made scheme of investing, both for beginners and for experienced investors. Choose one of the professional programs of investment and become our partner in profitable projects.

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E3 International

E3 International handles operations in the sphere of international real estate market. You can use either the classic scheme of property acquisition for you needs or our instruments of collective investments for accumulation of your capital funds.


Closed real estate investment trust E3 Group

Invest in profitable real estate with the professional’s assistance, become their co-owner and get your profit! Investments from 100 000 roubles, up to 10 years, up to 25% per annum!

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EcoLife villages — a new concept of countryside living

Turn-key ready houses with furniture and household appliances which are included in the price!

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All kinds operations with street-retail investments

E3 Commerce is an operator of street-retail investments. E3 Commerce is a simple, safe and profitable way to save and make more money.

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All kinds operations with real estate

E3 Estate is the operator of new housing in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. We are the partners of the leading developers. Being their partners we also have exclusive offers and terms. E3 Estate experts always know about the most actual and favorable offers in the market of real estate, discounts and special terms.

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It’s the only specialized portal of apartments’ assignation in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. As of now there are no similar projects in the market of real estate. We prepared the full base of apartments’ assignation for you. All the contracts were carefully reviewed by our legal department. Dealing with us is easy and reliable.

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Insurance Centre

We provide our partners, clients and investors with maximum level of reliability and protection. Starting from real estate and clients’ property insurance and finishing with insurance of the largest construction companies of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

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Landscape Centre

We provide all kinds of landscaping and site finishing services. We will help to create the garden of your dream, where you can lovely spend your leather time with your family.

For more than 20 years our experts are creating unique projects, improving and landscaping the territories in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.



The E3 Group regularly takes part in charity events of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region and participates in social projects! It’s easy to help when you have the stakeholders. The help can be different: financial , volunteer, donor, but the main thing is to see the result from all your efforts, children's smiles!

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The magazine “I Live in St. Pete” is universal guide to the world of new buildings in St. Petersburg. It helps the clients to get familiar with Saint Petersburg’s real estate market. Real estate exhibition "I live in St. Pete" is the event devoted to new building projects in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.

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Коттеджный поселок EcoLife на Заливе - повышение цен! [ожидает перевода]
С 1 августа 2017 года будут повышены цены на готовые домовладения.
E3 Life: results of the June, 2017
During June our volunteers, investors and sponsors managed to:
E3 Group: report about Moscow Yacht Show 2017
The exhibition of yachts and cruisers took place in the most prestigious yacht-club of our capitol city from 22 to 24 of June.
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E3 Group: становление бизнеса и выход на новые рынки
Президент компании E3 Group Анастасия Тузова рассказала «Фонтанке» о работе группы компаний в текущих экономических реалиях, планах на будущее.
Printed edition: Фонтанка.ру (
Деньги в песок
Оборудованных комфортных пляжей в Петербурге – единицы. Эксперты расходятся во мнениях о том, можно ли успеть заработать на вложениях в подобную инфраструктуру за короткое северное лето.
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About group of companies E3 Group 


The group of companies E3 Group was established in 2014, our experts work in the sphere of real estate since 2009. Now E3 Group is one of Saint-Petersburg market majors developing lots of different sectors from development and investments to life insurance and charity. Е3 Group has gained a reputation of reliable business partner and our specialists have shown theirselves as true real estate experts. Assisted by our specialists our investors managed to earn over 250 mln roubles. Our Analytics Department is a partner of the leading business mass media, we also take part in leading real estate events of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. Under our charity department E3 Life we help leading charity foundations: Advita fund, “Bright life” fund, Ivan Fillmore’s clinic and shelter and many others.

2016 E3 Group won Credo in “Innovation leader in the area of real estate” nomination

2016 E3 Group becomes a member of Russian Guild of Realtors

2015 E3 Group becomes a member of Saint-Petersburg Association of Realtors

2015 E3 Group becomes a member of  Saint-Petersburg Chamber of real Estate